Hello there! 

I’m Sara Behrendt and welcome to Beginning with Bergamot. This blog is my exploration into all things tea. I'll be exploring what teas I like, interesting ways to incorporate tea into recipes, tea and food pairings. I'll also be sharing thoughts and practical tips on comfort, happiness and how to live a balanced lifestyle.

Do you have any formal knowledge of tea?
Nope. In fact, I have a fairly limited knowledge of tea right now, but that's why I want to explore this topic. I think tea is comforting and magical, its subtle complex smells and flavors bring pleasure into my life and want to journey into its possibilities with you.

Why is this blog called "Beginning with Bergamot"?
Great question. My favorite tea right now is Lord Bergamot from Steven Smith Teamakers. So, as I start this journey into the world of tea I will be... "Beginning with Bergamot".

Is this your day job?
Haha. No. I actually have an amazing job with some wonderful people. We design websites and make our clients happy. If you want to check out my design work, go for it.

Who's that guy up there in the photo?
Oh him? That's my husband, Chris. Hey babe.